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Claude Bertrand

Green Party of Canada
Pontiac Electoral District
2019 Federal Elections
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"A sustainable life for a prosperous future"

I have had the privilege of having two completely separate careers:

As a professional engineer, I have applied my technical skills and knowledge in the design of mechanical systems in the private sector.  In the Public service, I have applied my managerial and leadership skills while managing a laboratory.

In the service of Canada as a military pilot, the Royal Canadian Air Force has provided me with an exceptionally diverse and challenging professional life, full of unique experiences.

The Pontiac needs a born leader.  I am ready to serve the people of Pontiac.

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Green Party platform for the Pontiac

"The Pontiac deserves its share of a strong green economy"

Economic revitalization of the Pontiac

I pledge that as the member of parliament for Pontiac, I will do all that can be done to bring jobs back to the Pontiac.  At first, I will travel throughout the district to listen to the people and business leaders and draw from their ideas.  I will then put in place the policies needed to facilitate the revitalization of the local economy.

Protect and preserve Gatineau park against parcelling or encroachment.

Gatineau Park is the jewel of the National Capital Region.  Unfortunately, its territory has been and remains vulnerable to the pressures of residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure development (roads, etc.).  We will leave no stone unturned in order to protect and preserve the territorial integrity of Gatineau Park from parcelling and encroachment and preserve it for the greater good of the population and for future generations.

Furthermore, we will encourage the NCC to spread more equitably its investments to other sectors of the parc by creating access points and facilities that will allow local populations (besides those residing closer the Southeast part of the park) to also access and enjoy the park in all its beauty.

First steps in the reintroduction of rail links between the Pontiac and Ottawa-Gatineau.

Not so long ago, there were rails going Westward along the Ottawa river from Gatineau to Fort-Coulonge and rails going Northward along the Gatineau river from Gatineau to Fort Coulonge.  It is now time to start thinking about reinstating a safe, reliable and affordable passenger shuttle rail service from the municipalities located along those two arteries, to Gatineau-Hull. 

Oppose the ill-fated plan to store low level nuclear waste in close proximity to the Ottawa River.

For the last 65 years, low level nuclear wastes have been buried in the grounds in the vicinity of the Chalk River nuclear research facility. Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (a subsidiary of Atomic Energy Canada) is planning on digging out the waste in order to store it for the next 500 years in an above-ground facility on the high grounds 1 km from the Ottawa river in Chalk River.  We are firmly opposed to the establishment of this storage facility because of its close proximity to the Ottawa river.  There is no possible justification to risk contaminating the Ottawa river and the St. Lawrence river and the drinking water for the cities of the Pontiac which are located along the Ottawa river (not to mention Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal, Laval, Trois-Rivières, Quebec City, Rimouski and many others).


Military Career

(1997 to 2016)

1998 to 2006

2CFFTS (Canadian Forces Flight Training School)

15 Wing, Moose Jaw, SK

At first, Student Pilot.  Upon obtaining my "wings", underwent training to become a QFI (Qualified Flight Instructor) on the  Tutor CT-114 and later on the Harvard II (CT-156).

Other functions included;

  • Senior Course Director

  • Deputy Operations Officer

  • Coordinator with 431 Air Demonstration Squadron (2003)

Personal Recovery Planner

2012 à 2015

Assigned to NATO's CAOC (Combined Air Operations Centre) Uedem, Germany.

As a Personnel Recovery Planner, participated in the development of methods and technics for the recovery of personnel who find themselves separated from their unit during a conflict.

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Helicopter Pilot (CH-146 Griffon)

2008 to 2012

Deputy Squadron Commander at

439 CSS (Combat Support Squadron)

2010 to 2012

As a helicopter pilot, to pilot Griffon helicopters during diverse  missions (including  Search & Rescue, VIP transport and other) in support of base flying operations.

As the squadron's Deputy Commander, assist the Commander in all functions and responsibilities, manages the finances of the squadron and when necessary, takes command of the squadron on an interim basis.

Griffon Helicopter Pilot
and unit Flight Safety Officer

TaTask Force Freedom, Kandahar Airfield


Nov 2009 to Aug 2010

Tasked with piloting a combat helicopter escorting transport helicopters,  providing utility transport and reconnaissance missions during NATO operations overseas.

As the unit Flight Safety Officer; managed the squadron's flight safety program, conducting flight safety investigations, drafting and disseminating reports and presenting briefs to the squadron.

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Experience as a Professional Engineer

1981 to 1897

Engineer in the private sector

Project Engineer with Canada Packers Ltd,

Toronto, ON (1981)

Duties; Design and integration of production facilities for the Shur-Gain division.


Project Engineer with Simon-Day Ltd.

Thunder Bay, ON and Winnipeg, MB
(1982 to 1986)

Duties; Design and integration of industrial dust collection systems,  materials handling systems and bulk weighing systems (1982 to 1986) for the grain industry.


As part of the Federal Public Service,

Manager of the Approvals Laboratory

(1995 to 1997)

Senior Gravimetric Engineer

(1987 to 1994):

  • Provided technical expertise pertaining to:

    • "type approval" verification and field inspection of weighing and length measuring devices

    • the calibration of mass and length standards

    • associated regulatory issues.


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering

1978 to 1981

MacDonald College of McGill Universit

Ste-Anne de Bellevue

College Certificate in Pure and Applied Sciences

1975 to 1978

Collège CEGEP John Abbott, Ste-Anne de Bellevue


Who am I?

I am a 62 year old man, divorced, proud father of two young women (33 and 24 years old) and proud grand-father to a beautiful baby girl.  I was born in Ottawa but raised in the Lac St-Jean region of Quebec.


I expatriated myself to Calgary in 1973 in order to learn English.  I then completed my education in English.


After having worked as a Professional Engineer for 16 years (a profession that I loved), I was able, at 40 years of age, to realize my childhood dream of becoming a pilot.


I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2016 and I have since been busy renovating my home on the shore of Lac Bernard (La Pêche) in the Outaouais.


My hobbies include winter sports such as cross-country skiing, skating, summer sports such as mountain-biking, road-cycling, hiking, golf, kayaking and swimming at the end of the dock.  I love cottage life.


I have varried and multiple interests, amongst which; astronomy, general sciences, music, travelling and of course, politics.


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Telephone: (873 376-4752)

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